学术研讨会:Choice and Attention Over Time (RC Lim,上海交通大学)


主题:Choice and Attention Over Time

主讲人:上海交通大学,RC Lim




我们在注意力的框架内研究过去的选择如何影响未来的选择。有限的注意力为 "理性 "的失败提供了解释,即由于代理人没有考虑到更好的选择而没有被选择。我们创新地考虑了选择序列,在未来的选择问题中必然会考虑过去的选择。这提供了两种合理性违反行为之间的联系:那些发生在一次性决定的横截面上的违反行为和那些发生在已实现的选择序列中的违反行为。在我们的设定中,前者有助于识别注意力,而后者则能确定真实的偏好。这两种类型的违反都会随着时间的推移而消失,并提供了一个新的稳定性概念。

We study how past choices affect future choices in the framework of attention. Limited attention provides an explanation to the failure of “rationality”, where better options are not chosen because the agent has failed to consider them. We innovate and consider sequences of choices, where past choices are necessarily considered in future choice problems. This provides a link between two kinds of rationality violations: those that occur in a cross-section of one-shot decisions and those that occur within a sequence of realized choices. In our setting, the former helps identify attention whereas the latter pins down true preferences. Both types of violations vanish over time and furnish a novel notion of stability.