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Introduction to the China Center For Behavioral Economics and Finance(CCBEF)

China Center For Behavioral Economics and Finance (hereafter referred to as the Center) at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics is a research institute focusing on experimental economics, behavioral economics, behavioral finance,the edge-cutting economic interdisciplinary fields.

The Center aims to produce internationally-recognized top-quality research in experimental economics, behavioral economics, behavioral finance and other edge-cutting behavioral sciences such as genetic economics and neuro-economics. It also strives to build a top-level, world-class behavior and experimental research team, to build an important interdisciplinary and high-end communication platform in the field at home and abroad, and finally becomes the highland of experimental economy, behavioral economy and behavioral finance research.

The Center has a strong faculty featuring domestically and globally recognized scholars such as Professor Chew Soohong, Professor Richard Ebstein, Professor Lei Zhen, and several talented young scholars. The center has a Laboratory which is specially designed for Experimental Economics and equipped with advanced equipment like electroencephalography, eye tracker, and transcranial stimulator.

The Center offers academic programs in both behavioral economics and behavioral finance. These programs include master and PhD programs in both economics and finance.

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